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dichtl research & consulting

was founded in 2017 as an independent consulting boutique. We are focused on advising institutional investors.

Our research-based consulting approach relies on our longstanding personal experience in systematic and scientific-based investment consulting. This knowledge enables us to provide our clients with objective and structured advice on asset allocation, risk management and manager selection. Our proprietary approach ensures the responsible handling of your fiduciary investments.


Dr. Hubert Dichtl and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drobetz

Dr. Hubert Dichtl and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drobetz

can draw on longstanding experience and profound scientific expertise to advise institutional investors.

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Basis for our Consulting:

Our consulting relies on our continuous internal research, based on current academic insights. This clear understanding of recent research feeds directly into our asset allocation, risk management and manager selection consulting services. For our research, we maintain an open dialogue with the academic community via publications and collaborations with research institutes. Our aim is to build a bridge between theory and practice.

Studien Current Research

Focus of research 2021:

Crash prediction with machine learning

Studien Publications

We regularly author academic articles facing current topics in institutional asset management. These articles are routinely published in international scientific journals and books.



Added value by research:

The findings from our research are implemented on behalf of our clients. We follow consistent and structured processes which meet your individual demands. In this way we ensure that our advice is up-to-date.

Asset Allocation

Our objective is to build an intelligent diversified and stress-resistant asset allocation based on our research-based consulting approach. We are focused on high risk-transparency, robustness, and an efficient implementation.

Risk Management

Our risk management primarily conduces to investment share protection by preventing losses. The focus is not only on the protection of capital but also on a good participation in positive markets.

Manager Selection

In our manager selection process we accompany and advise you in all steps of the project. Our process is shaped by our research-based consulting approach. Focus points are the broad coverage of the manager universe, intelligent quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data as well as an appropriate preparation of your investment decision.



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